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Getting MORE Wholesome with Disability, Diversity and Acceptance

Food styling, features and benefits and an amazing taste profile are all must haves in the consumer packaged goods category. But for brands to truly shine and create lasting connections with customers, the brand’s own employees, store owners and families everywhere, Honey Maid, among others, realizes that advertising can be powerful and go beyond category must haves to community hope.

Honey Maid’s “This Is Wholesome” campaign keeps getting better. The Mondelēz International brand is launching a continuation of their campaign, and among the amazing ads, another commercial prominently featuring a person with a disability.

The brand takes diversity and inclusion a step further to weave a narrative that isn’t just about checking a diversity box off on the talent list in the advertising, but the messages weave a narrative of acceptance, bonding, growth and love.

A representative from global PR firm Weber Shandwick, shared with me recently that  “in today’s world, society acknowledges the diversity of American families – yet true acceptance is not always displayed. Launching this month, Honey Maid is sharing the latest chapter in the ‘This Is Wholesome’ campaign, focused on capturing the shift from simply acknowledging the diverse fabric of America to actually showcasing how acceptance can foster love and friendship within families and among neighbors.this continuation of the campaign will start this month and run on television and social media, this new integrated marketing campaign spotlights five real families and encourages Americans to view the world through the eyes of acceptance, including the story of a disabled veteran and his family in Husband.”

“Our new campaign creative taps into a cultural insight that is rooted in the change of the American family dynamic,” said Katrina Plummer, Equity Brand Manager, Honey Maid, Mondelēz International in a press release. She goes on to say that “In 2016, we’re encouraging Americans to view the world through the eyes of acceptance – and remember that no matter how families might change, just like our products, what makes them wholesome remains the same.”

The disability connection goes even further with these ads. Honey Maid is enabling audio descriptions for blind and low vision audiences, which incorporates a separate audio track that describes what’s happening on screen. Here are other ads from the campaign launching this month.



One last interesting twist with the campaign that a representative from Weber Shandwick shared is that “In tandem with the 2016 creative launch, Honey Maid is introducing the Wholesome Button – an easy-to-add browser app that allows users to experience the Internet through the lens of acceptance and positivity.  Once added, users simply click the “Wholesomize It” bookmark in their bookmarks bar anytime they desire to replace images and headlines on their screen with content celebrating love, heartwarming family connections and acceptance.”


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