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A Blind Girl Shares Her Vision During The Academy Awards

Disability in advertising took center stage during one of the most-watched live events of the year, the Academy Awards. Comcast debuted a 60-second ad which focuses on 7-year-old Emily, born blind, describing what she sees in her mind when watching her favorite movie, “The Wizard of Oz.” Continue reading


Teal Sherer Actress & Advocate

I had the privilege to interview Teal Sherer, to learn how she brings conviction, visibility and voice to both her career in acting and support of disability inclusion and awareness. Originally from Lenoir City, Tennessee, Teal is an L.A. based actor, producer, and activist for performers with disabilities. Her film, TV, online and theatre work includes the Emmy Award-Winning HBO Film Warm Springs, starring Kenneth Branagh, I’m With Stupid an NBC series developed by The Farelly Brothers and on-stage performances with, among others, Dustin Hoffman. Closer to main the theme of this blog centering on advertising and disability, in 2008 Teal starred in the highly acclaimed Liberty Mutual commercial, Election. Continue reading